Today's Date is : Wednesday, September 17, 2014
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Do I need an account to use the CLC Oranizer?
While you’re free to browse our vendor listings without an account, you will need an account to use the interactive features of the event planner such as automated emails, reminders, etc. See Also : CLC Organizer Features.

Is there any cost for using the CLC Organizer?
NO. Your CLC Organizer account is 100% FREE to anyone wishing to plan an event, or you can even use it as a personal calendar if you wish without adding any listings. There is not now and will never be a charge for your CLC Planner account. However, all users are subject to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policies.

I noticed the free listings don’t have a “Contact Listing” button. Why ?
Because they are free listings, so the vendor is listed at no charge for your convenience. Feel free to contact them by phone and tell them you found them on CLCORP.COM ! Any listing may be added to your favorite lists, but a vendor must have a premium listing to be integrated into the full features of the automated CLC Organizer system.

Is there help available if I don’t understand something in the Organizer ?
YES, there is a convenient help icon in the upper right corner of both the “favorite listings” and the “event planner” sections. There are detailed help screens that will guide you and should answer just about any question you may have about using your CLC Planner account. You may also use the Members Forums, Help Menus and Support Requests links above.